The following  pieces of jewellery are a small sample of my recent work;  an introduction to the kind of themes and techniques I like to experiment with.

triangle moons
Triangle Moons
silver and copper
tumbled and slate
Tumbled and Slate
semi-precious stones and beach slate
tumbled green and blue
Tumbled Green and Blue
semi-precious stones and silver
boat pendant
Boat Pendant
brass and silver
chunky hoop necklace
Chunky Hoop Necklace
Chunky Hoop Necklace
Creased squares earings
Creased Squares Earings
textured silver
Crumpled drop earings
Crumpled Drop Earings
textured silver
Green Glass and Silver
Glass beads and silver
green ring
Green Ring
silver, brass and turquoise
Heart heart earings
Heart Heart Earings
silver and copper
leaf heart earings
Leaf Heart earings
Triangle heart earings
Triangle Heart earings
brass and silver earings
icon necklace
Icon Necklace
little ring
Little Ring
silver and brass
Sea china necklace
Sea China Necklace
pottery, silver and cord
shield brooch
Shield brooch
brass and copper
silver and beads
Silver and Beads
silver brass drops
Silver Brass Drops
coconut and silver necklace
Coconut and Silver
Green coconut and textured silver panel
Silver Leaves necklaces
Silver Leaves
selection of textured silver panel necklaces
Silver Leaves earings
Silver Oblong drop earings
  • triangle moons
  • tumbled and slate
  • tumbled green and blue
  • boat pendant
  • chunky hoop necklace
  • Creased squares earings
  • Crumpled drop earings
  • green ring
  • Heart heart earings
  • leaf heart earings
  • Triangle heart earings
  • icon necklace
  • little ring
  • Sea china necklace
  • shield brooch
  • silver and beads
  • silver brass drops
  • coconut and silver necklace
  • Silver Leaves necklaces
  • Silver Leaves earings

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