Pauline Latham


My fascination with texture leads me down a path of many side-roads, which, in turn open up many other other roads of discovery.

I use a whole range of materials such as collage plaster, paint and any medium that compliments the piece of work; “multi-mixed-media” seems a good description.  For me, the elements of discovery, experimentation and play are always to be found in my work, whatever the subject, be it land and sea-scapes of my beloved Pembrokeshire, the estuary and my garden, or the familiar objects that surround me in my home.

I approach every subject in this way, moving away from the purely representational, abstracting and allowing for my own voyage of discovery and intuition.

When creating pieces of jewellery I also use a mixture of materials, as well as the the basic metals of silver, brass and copper, I scour the beaches for slate, sea-glass, china and stones so that my work often appears “ancient” and unpolished.

I work intuitively, seldom setting out with a plan or idea of what direction the piece of work is going. It is a way for me to get in touch with the deeper side of myself.



                                      ‘the job of the artist is to deepen the mystery’ Francis Bacon



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